For questions regarding this system, please contact the system administrator Ms. Shinae Yoon:

Choose a link below to log into Tk20:

Tk20 recommends the use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Click here to purchase a Tk20 student account online.

  • Activation can take up to 3 days, though the most frequent duration is 1 hour.
  • Once your account is active, log in above with your regular UNT Dallas account information.

Students who purchased accounts through UNT Denton or another university:

If your Tk20 account is still active then Tk20 does allow transfers of accounts between institutions. Please be aware of the following limitations:

  • Your account can only be active at one institution at a time.
  • Your original expiration date continues to apply.
  • Only the account activation transfers, not data. For technical reasons we can’t move the contents of your account from one Tk20 system to another. Practically, this means that once you move institutions you should consider the Tk20 account at your old institution to be locked out and unavailable.
  • If you understand these limitations and accept them then we can help you transfer your account. Please email with your Student ID number at your previous school and at your current institution.  We will let you know once the account has been transferred.

Tk20 is the School of Education and the Counseling Program's reporting and assessment system.  The system allows School of Education and Counseling Program faculty to seamlessly monitor and report on the critical program-based assessments aligned with accreditation standards.  The system also serves as a storehouse for student artifacts including a portfolio system which is accessible for students long after they graduate from UNT Dallas.