Teacher Education Program Admissions

What is the Teacher Education Program?

To be eligible to graduate with a bachelor's degree and eligibility for standard teacher certification, you will need to be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program.  Admission is only granted to students who demonstrate a desire to teach and readiness to take on the rigorous expectations of the professional program.  You must have a declared major of Interdisciplinary Studies to be admitted and stay active in the teacher education program. Texas has a huge need for certified teachers. Read more about the demand for certified teachers here.

picture of students admitted to Teacher Education Program for Fall 2020

Admission Eligibility

  • At least 60 completed credit hours on the degree plan
  • A 2.75 GPA or higher
  • Two math courses completed
  • Two science courses completed
  • Two upper-level UNTD Spanish courses completed (EC-12 LOTE - Spanish applicants only)

How do I apply?

Application Checklist

  1. Completed application to the Teacher Education program. 
  2. A copy of your unofficial transcript (log into my.UNTDallas.edu and go to student records). 
  3. Submit professional reference form (Note: not a family member) sent directly by the person completing the reference to SOEATE@untdallas.edu.  
  4. Submit Faculty reference (Note: LOTE EC-12 Spanish requires the faculty reference to be from a UNTD Spanish instructor) sent directly by the faculty member to SOEATE@untdallas.edu.  
  5. Signed agreement to adhere to provisions of the State of Texas Educator Code of Conduct. 
  6. Writing Sample (please click for detailed instruction English and/or Spanish
  7. Self-recorded interview video no longer than 10 minutes. This can include a PowerPoint or another method of the presentation as long as the committee can hear and understand the applicant. Send your completed video to SOEATE@untdallas.edu by the published due date to be considered for the Teacher Ed. Program. The videos must include the following: 
    1. A short (no longer than 5-minutes) personal narrative (personal history, why you want to teach, and/or why UNTD, etc.) and  
    2. A presentation of the applicant presenting a short (5-minutes) lesson of your choice. This can be a lesson regarding how to solve a math problem or develop a simple or complex sentence, or how to use a specific computer program, or even how to perform a certain task in Google Drive. You choose the lesson you want to present.

For additional questions regarding the eligibility and/or admission requirements, please contact SOEATE@untdallas.edu.


When do I interview?

Interview days are held twice per semester. Please check our program dates and deadlines or the calendar for this semester's schedule.

What happens if I change my major?

Students must be enrolled in Interdisciplinary Studies with initial teacher certification. If you change your major after admission to Teacher Education Program, you will no longer be active in the program.