What is it?

The TEACH Grant Program provides grants of up to $4,000 a year to students who are completing or plan to complete course work needed to begin a career in teaching.  As a condition for receiving a TEACH Grant, you must sign a TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve in which you agree to (among other requirements) teach

  • in a high-need field;
  • at an elementary school, secondary school, or educational service agency that serves students from low-income families; and
  • for at least four complete academic years within eight years after completing (or ceasing enrollment in) the course of study for which you received the grant.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Completed FAFSA
  • Admitted to the Teacher Education Program at UNT Dallas
  • Passed state certification content exam or a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA

How do I apply?

Step 1: Check your eligibility (see above) and gather your documentation, including:

  • Program Admission Letter
  • Degree Plan

Step 2: Complete your FAFSA.​

  • Save a copy of your student aid report to submit with your application.

Step 3: Submit TEACH Grant Application with the student information portion completed (top section).

  • Include evidence of your eligibility including a program admission letter, unofficial transcript, degree plan, and FAFSA student aid report.

Step 4:  TEACH Grant Initial and Subsequent Counseling/Agreement to Serve After

After initial eligibility is confirmed, you will move to the academic counseling phase of the process. Please make sure that you have completed a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You will also be counseled about the program requirements, to make sure you are committed to the services required. Please make sure that you ask any questions during this time to gain clarification of any pending items that you may have in mind. After you have completed the personal counseling, you will be given the opportunity to complete the Department of Education Student Counseling online, as well as the Agreement to Serve. You will be able to complete both the Counseling and Agreement to Serve (ATS) at


Step 5:  Submit final documentation to your program coordinator.

Submit a PDF copy of the completed online counseling confirmation with your SIGNED application and all documentation via email to Sheetal.Kumar@untdallas.edu.

Step 6: Financial Aid Office Determines Eligibility

The Student Financial Aid Office will confirm that your FAFSA has been received, your enrollment status, program plan, academic base, cumulative GPA, and SAP. Once all has been determined, the TEACH Grant award will be posted to your account. Please allow time for disbursement. 

Stay Updated

Stay updated on the TEACH grant by visiting https://studentaid.gov/understand-aid/types/grants/teach#what-is-teach