Being selected to be a Wipro Science Education Fellow is a great honor and responsibility. It honors your dedication to your teaching, your school, your students, your district and your professional development. The lists outline the responsibilities of the Fellows and School Administrators.

Primary Responsibilities of Fellows

Core Activity Estimated Time Commitment (during two years) Program Year Level of Flexibility of How and When Activity is Accomplished
Attend Induction Meeting in June 2.5 hours Year 1 None

Attend all monthly Fellows Meetings

32 hours Year 1 None
Prep work for monthly meetings 20 hours Year 1 Flexible

Attend all PLC small group Meetings

40 hours Year 1 Semi-Flexible

Video record three lessons plus one practice lesson

3 hours Year 1/Year 2 Semi-Flexible
Weekly reflection entries 15 hours Year 1/Year 2 Flexible

Develop and carry out professional growth plan

120 hours Year 2 Highly Flexible

Design, lead, and video record a
professional development workshop

5 hours Year 2 Highly Flexible

Meet with district cohort Fellows and Coordinator

7.5 hours Year 2 Semi-Flexible

Meet with your advisor at regular

5 hours Year 2 Flexible
Total 250 Hours over two years    

Primary Responsibilities of School Administrators

  • Be reflective, committed, and supportive in order to grow
  • Participate in evaluation and research, such as surveys and interviews, during and after your time as a Fellow
  • Implement the district science curriculum in your classroom
  • Support Fellow’s work
  • Allow the Fellow’s classroom to be videotaped two times during the school year one and once during Fall school year two; videotapes are being viewed by peer teachers as a vehicle for discussion and will not be used to evaluate individual teachers. 
  • There will be opportunities for the Fellows to participate in national, regional and local conferences. Be open to securing substitutes for up to 3 days during the school year (with at least 2 weeks of advance notice given); funds for the substitutes will be provided by the Wipro SEF Program.
  • Assist Fellows as they continue to seek leadership opportunities

Primary Responsibilities of the District Coordinators

  • Recruit eligible teachers to apply for program
  • Help select teachers
  • Attend monthly meetings with SEF Fellows
  • Lead quarterly district meetings with Fellows during the second year of the Fellowship
  • Attend district coordinator learning community meetings
  • Be actively engaged in the planning of the program

Primary Responsibilities of the Wipro SEF Program

  • Be supportive
  • Provide video equipment and support
  • Provide professional development that is stimulating, current, and pertinent
  • Be responsive to Fellows’ suggestions as much as possible
  • Assist Fellows as they continue to seek leadership opportunities
  • Provide training and support of individualized professional development plan
  • Compensate in a timely manner; Fellows will receive stipends over the course of the Fellowship upon completion of their requirements.  
  • Provide feedback on Fellows’ progress in the program throughout the Fellowship
  • Be realistic
  • Provide funds to district for 3 substitute days