Principal Impact Collaborative (PIC)

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Learn more about the PIC community and their program by reading their blog, a dedicated platform for recognizing and sharing the stories of PIC principals, as well as contributing insights from our own research and learnings on how best to support and empower school leaders in their roles.

Principal Impact Collaborative (PIC)

The Principal Impact Collaborative supports elite public school principals to drive impactful change on their campus.

Our innovative, two-year fellowship program is designed to connect experienced North Texas area principals with like-minded peers, re-ignite their passion for the work, and provide them with the tools and resources to set and execute on a vision to improve their campus. Principals participate in monthly workshops that provide high-quality leadership development, coupled with an immersive experience into the human centered design process and support as they incubate and execute a 'big idea' action project designed to drive campus improvement.

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