Undergraduate Education

Our Approach

Our public schools are the great equalizer of our society. Education can help us end poverty. It can promote social justice. Education can help end discrimination and promote diversity. The education of this generation will determine the world our next generation inherits.

But, our schools can only be as effective as the teachers. That’s why the University of North Texas at Dallas has created the Emerging Teacher Institute, a first-of-its-kind educational program designed to train tomorrow’s teachers via a holistic approach, equipping these critical leaders with the most current teaching competencies and clinical skills along with social and emotional learning tools needed for success in today’s classrooms.


Founding Principles

Nobility of the Profession

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” These words truly embody the spirit of ETI. We believe it is our teachers who are on the front lines of instilling great social change, and improving lives today, and for the future generations. As a student and future graduate of the Emerging Teacher Institute, you assume the identity of not just an educator, but also a leader. You become a public servant … just as much as our elected officials, our law enforcement or our armed services. You hold great power to shape our communities … our society … and our future nation. At ETI, we place that responsibility squarely on your shoulders in an empowering, inspiring manner … to help bring out the best in you and, in turn, our future.

Intellectual Formation

ETI is going to make sure students have a first class education of their minds. This includes stimulating classes taught by exceptional professors who care about our students’ learning. As a leading edge model for the next generation of teachers, ETI’s custom curriculum expands on the traditional education curriculum.

Social and Emotional Formation

Research shows that social and emotional learning not only leads to greater education outcomes, but also leads to higher lifetime achievement, lower crime and greater long-term physical and mental health. Using mental health training, social-emotional workshops and mindfulness training, ETI establishes a holistic approach to teaching and lays a foundation of self-care that is critical to the long-term success of individual teachers, and making a difference.

Intensive Clinical Preparation and Practice

At ETI, we believe that practice makes perfect. From start to finish, our teacher candidates are exposed to a range of competency-based instructional techniques, which culminate in a full-year teaching residency with a partner school district. Our full-year residency program allows students to experience the full lifecycle of an academic year in a public school classroom, where you co-teach with a mentor teacher.