Languages Other Than English (LOTE) - Spanish

Who is the typical student?

Our future Spanish teachers (LOTE EC-12) are committed to learning more about the Spanish language, Spanish-speaking cultures, and Spanish/Latin American literature and other creative expressions.  Typically, students are native Spanish-speakers or heritage speakers interested in improving their own academic and literacy content knowledge. They are deeply motivated to teach Spanish to dual-language learners, beginning Spanish speakers, and heritage speakers in elementary, middle, or high school. 

Begun in Fall 2019, this new program is ideal ideal for someone passionate about the Spanish language.  It is jointly offered between the Spanish Department in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Teacher Education Department in the School of Education. 

We accept and apply transfer coursework, AP SPanish credit, and CLEP credit.  Because Spanish is a high needs area for teachers, students have access to funding like the TEACH grant.

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What will you learn?

Your coursework will help you in two ways – first, to acquire knowledge about Spanish language and culture and second, to teach you how to teach Spanish.  Classes include interesting choices in literature, culture and civilization, translation, advanced grammar and composition, academic Spanish for classroom teachers, and bilingual pedagogy.  Many opportunities for service learning courses serving the Hispanic community and internships exist. 

As you progress, courses focus on teaching methods and include time in elementary schools working with students under the supervision of a teacher mentor and faculty member. 

The course work for the LOTE-Spanish also includes preparation for the bilingual education certification, which you can add after receiving the LOTE EC-12 Spanish certification. Holding multiple certifications will expand your options for employment.

By your senior year, students will observe and practice teaching within our LOTE- Spanish partner district, Dallas ISD. This time allows students’ hands-on teaching experiences under the supervision.

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What are the steps to certification?

The path to certification includes student teaching, a criminal background check, and passing the appropriate certification exams.  Sound like a lot? Don’t worry. Your entire program is set up to support you in being successful.

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What do starting career prospects look like?

Students are highly sought after for jobs because of the high need for foreign language teachers.  Starting salaries in n. Texas is just above $50,000 a year with health and retirement benefits. Because of their clinical teaching experience, many teachers interview before graduation.  Learn more about the job market

How can this degree help you grow a career over time?

Teacher certification can launch a robust career.  Some teachers stay in the school setting, advancing their career by becoming a master reading or math teacher, instructional coach, curriculum writer, or even, administrator.  After successfully teaching over several years, others take their skills outside of schools to become tutors, educational sales reps, consultants, business owners, or policy advisors.  

With teacher certification in Spanish, your skill set can translate to a variety of positions here and internationally including: teaching abroad, immersion language teachers, translators, interpreters, consultants, policy advocates, journalists, media and communications professionals, and diplomats.

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