Graduate Program FAQs

All C&I Graduate Students

1. When can I register for classes?
You can check the current dates and deadlines with the office of the registrar.

2. How many C’s can I have?
Graduate students can have a maximum of two C’s on the Curriculum and Instruction degree plans. If a student earns more than three C’s, then a course must be retaken for a grade replacement with at least a B.

3. How many credits do I need for the master’s degree?
The Curriculum and Instruction master’s programs (both non-certification and certification) are 36 credits.

4. How do I apply for graduation?
Please visit this website for all graduation and commencement information.

C&I Students - Certification Seeking

1How is admission to the C&I Program different from admission to the Educator Preparation Program?
Admission to the C&I Program is admission to the graduate school. In order to complete certification requirements, students must also apply and be enrolled in the educator preparation program. This is a different process. For incoming students beginning in Fall of 2020, admission to the educator preparation program will be completed immediately following admission to the Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Program.

2.  What do I do if I am not admitted to the educator preparation program?
In order to complete your admission to the UNT Dallas Educator Preparation Program, the following items must be on file:

  • An application
  • Transcripts
  • Reference Letters
  • Essay responses
  • Acknowledgement of the Educator Code of Ethics

Please reach out to Dr. Smith,, if you have questions about your status or need to complete these items. These items need to be on file for you in order to be admitted.

3.  How many credits do I need for the graduate alternative teacher certification program?
The graduate alternative teacher certification program is 24 credits. This involves six graduate courses plus 6 credits of either an unpaid student teaching semester or one full year of a paid internship.

4.  Do I have to take the PACT (Pre-Admission Content Test)?
Beginning with students enrolling for Fall 2020, a PACT exam will be required for admission. For students already enrolled, a PACT is needed if the following two qualifications are not met:

  1. If the candidate has a GPA below a 2.5 or
  2. If the candidate has not completed at least 12 semester credit hours in the subject area of the certificate the candidate is seeking (15 hours if seeking certification in math or science above 7th grade).

5.  Which tests are required for certification?
Graduate certification candidates must take the following: PACT (if required), TExES Content Exam, and PPR (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities) Exam. The content exam (and PACT if required) must be passed before beginning clinical teaching. Students have up to five attempts to pass each required exam. Each exam session requires registration and payment.

6.  What is the difference between student teaching and internship?
Graduate teacher candidates have two options for completing the TEA required clinical teaching. The first option is a one-semester, unpaid placement in a school district as a student teacher. Candidates are assigned a mentor teacher and will work in her/his classroom for the full 16 weeks. Student teachers are required to be on campus every school day for the full day (at least seven hours). The second option for clinical teaching is a one-year paid teaching internship with a school district. The candidate will apply and gain employment to a full-time teaching position in the area of her/his certification; the candidate is responsible for obtaining internship employment. The candidate will be teacher-of-record with full teaching responsibilities. A Statement of Eligibility will be required to gain employment.  If a candidate does not have a place solidified by August 15th (to begin in fall) or December 10th (to begin in spring), then student teaching will be required in order to complete clinical teaching. A secondary option will be to wait to begin the internship the following semester.  A field supervisor will be assigned with each option. Five observations are required in addition to four walk-through visits.

7. ​When can I apply for graduate clinical teaching (student teaching or internship)?
The application will open April 1st for the fall and October 1st for the spring.

8.  Which courses are required for certification?
For students beginning Fall 2020:

EDCI 5014- Instructional and Behavioral Management
EDCI 5017- Human Development for Educators
EDCI 5301- Historical and Philosophical Foundations
EDCI 5321- Principles of Professional Teaching
EDCI 5016- Literacy Across the Curriculum
EDCI 5312- Special Populations: Applying Theory to Practice
EDCI 5385 Internship I & EDCI 5386 Internship II
EDCI 5190 Clinical Teaching

For students already in the program, please consult with Dr. Smith,, regarding questions about certification courses.

9.  Which courses involve field-based experiences?
EDCI 5014- Instructional and Behavioral Management (15 hours)
EDCI 5301- Historical and Philosophical Foundations (15 hours)
EDCI 5321- Principles of Professional Teaching (15 hours)

10. What are the requirements for field-based observations?
As part of your certification requirements, you must spend 45 hours in classrooms. Instructions for field-based observations will be given in the three courses (EDCI 5014, EDCI 5301, & EDCI 5321). As part of the course requirements, please plan to visit multiple grade levels and classrooms. The goal is to visit a variety of Texas public school classrooms where instruction with diverse populations of students is taking place. Facilitation of the observations is the students’ responsibility. If assistance is needed, please first ask the instructor. The field office has a list of recommended districts students can visit. Students will be responsible for completing any district requirements needed for visiting. A formal reflection regarding your field-based experiences will also be required in each course.

12. How do I receive approval to be recommended for certification?
First, apply for certification through TEAL and pay your fee. Then, complete and submit this request with a signature and all required documentation to you