Frequently Asked Questions Page

Below, you will find information to frequently asked questions in the School of Education at UNT Dallas. If you have a question that is not listed below or on our website, please contact one of our team members who will work with you to find an answer.


1.  If I pass all of my certification exams, will I become certified?

Certification only occurs when a candidate has met all requirements - including degree requirements, internship requirements, program requirements, testing, background check, and application and fee for certification.  Please consult your program for specifics.

2.  How do I receive approval to be recommended for certification?

First, apply for certification through TEAL and pay your fee. Then, complete and submit this request with a signature and all required documentation to your program coordinator.

3.  What documentation do I produce for my background check?

Your TEAL account will show you a screen with your fingerprinting status. To process your request for certification, include verification of that green box with the words, "complete."

Certification Exams

1. How do I access Certify Teacher?

Information about how to access Certify Teacher can be found at the bottom of our Clinical Teaching resource page.

2. Where do I sign up for representative exam in the UNT Dallas testing center?

Register for UNT Dallas testing center exams here. Currently, only the EC-6 TExES is offered in the testing center.

3. What is an acceptable practice exam if my exam is not offered in the UNT Dallas testing center?

We recommend a Texas Educator Certification Examination Interactive Exam (cost: $10.00) for PPR EC-12, BTLPT - Spanish, LOTE - Spanish, Math 7-12, Science 7-12, and Principal as Instructional Leader (268). If a representative exam is not available for you in the testing center or at the site above, we recommend you use an online commerical practice testing resource such as Certify Teacher, Tutoring 240, or other.

4. How do I gain approval to test?

Submit a request for licensure examination approval form to your program coordinator with all required documentation and a signature/date on the candidate line. For teacher education students, we require an 85% passing on a practice examination for approval.  Forms will not be processed until complete. Expect five (5) business days for processing.

5.  Where can I access study resources?

Our recommendations for preparation resources include both paper based resources available for check out in the School of Education and online resources accessible for low cost to no cost.


1. How do I  access TK20?

See here for access information to TK20 and support resources.

2. How do I become authorized to check out an IPAD/SWIVL?

If you are a Clinical I or Clinical II student, your name is submited to the library at the beginning of the semester. If you believe you should be authorized and your name is not on the list, please email Arleen.Gil@untdallas.edu.

3.Who can support me in using the IPAD/SWIVL?

As a refresher, please consult these directions. If you are having difficulty using the equipment, please visit the IT Help Desk on the 1st Floor of the Student Center. Michael.Giallorenzo@untdallas.edu is the IT point of contact for troubleshooting.

Degree Plans

1.  Where can I find my degree plan?

Visit the UNT Dallas course catalog for information regarding your program requirements, by year. If you have questions related to which requirements have been met to date, go to your academic requirements in the my.untdallas.edu portal.

2.  Who can help me with questions related to transfer coursework?

If you have less than 60 credit hours, make an appointment with a Student Success Advisor.  If you have 60 credit hours or more, make an appointment with Shannin Garrett, the university advisor for School of Education undergraduate programs.  Advising appointments can be made by emailing advising@untdallas.edu.  For transfers that require departmental approval, contact your faculty program coordinator.

3. What happens if I change my major?

Students must be enrolled in Interdisciplinary Studies with initial teacher certification. If you change your major after admission to Teacher Education Program, you will no longer be active in the program.