Emerging Teacher Prep

Do you have a degree and want to teach?

The Emerging Teacher Prep is an alternative pathway to classroom leadership for students who have a bachelor’s degree and seek teacher certification.  Our five course sequence will prepare you for the rigors of teaching, classroom management, and lesson planning.  

Future teachers can complete this program using financial aid in three semesters and then continue on to complete their masters, curriculum and instruction.

Program Details:

  • graduate coursework
  • flexible schedule
  • two to three semester program
  • financial aid eligible

Am I eligible?

  • Meet graduate school admission requirements
  • Have a 3.0 GPA in your last sixty hours of undergraduate coursework
  • Show a passing score on a pre-admissions TExES Content Exam (any certification area)

What courses do I take?

All students take five courses (18 credit hours) to prepare you for teacher certification.  Students can start coursework in summer or spring to complete the two or three semester program.

EDCI 5301 - Teaching Essentials
EDCI 5321 - Foundations of Education
EDCI 5014 - Instruction & Classroom Management
EDCI 5017 - Human Development
EDCI 5190 - Internship (teaching and observation for six credit hours)
What does the EDCI 5190 Internship entail?
The Emerging Teacher Prep program requires an internship.  To complete in one semester, students can choose to be placed as an unpaid student teacher.  Or, to complete in two semesters, students must secure a one year paid teaching position on an internship certificate. 
UNTD Emerging Teacher Prep Course Sequence

What are the costs?

  • Graduate School Application Fee: $50.00
  • TExES Content Exam: $120.00 per test (number of tests varies by certification area)

Program & Internship Costs

  • Tuition and Fees: Graduate courses average $950 per course.  Students can complete the program for under $6000.00 without financial aid
  • Intern Certificate: $78.00
  • Fingerprints: $50.25
  • TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities: $120.00
  • Standard certificate:  $77.00
Christine Pruitt

Have questions?

Christine Pruitt is here to answer admissions and advising questions for the Emerging Teacher Prep program.