Clinical Teaching

Applying to Clinical Teaching

When students have come to the point in their program when they are ready to apply for Clinical Teaching, they will complete an application in TK20.  Please read below to review criteria for Clinical I and Clinical II.  These nine easy steps outline the process for applying in TK20.

Clinical I: Methods

The Clinical I: Methods semester occurs when students enroll in Methods coursework. During this semester, students spend one day a week (1 full, 8 hour day or 2 half, four hour days) at an assigned placement school to complete field experience observations (the first five weeks of placement) and begin co-teaching models including: 1 teach, 1 observe; 1 teach-1 assist; and parallel teaching (during the final eight weeks of placement).  View the Clinical Teaching Handbook below for more information about field based expectations.

Students applying to Clinical I: Methods, must meet the following criteria:

  • Prior admission to Teacher Education Program and current BS, Interdisciplinary Studies major
  • Minimum 2.75 Cumulative GPA and Major GPA
  • Complete Checkpoint I (during EDUC 3320) and completion of course with a minimum grade of B (Incomplete course will not be accepted)
  • Successfully complete all coursework prior to Clinical I enrollment. Students missing ONE class may apply and present a rationale letter with application to committee.
    • Bilingual: Must have a minimum grade of B in EDBE 3470/3480.
    • Special Education: must have a minimum grade of B in EDRE 4861 and EDEE 4350.
    • LOTE: Completed a minimum of 24 upper division Spanish courses (SPAN 3XXX or 4XXX) with a minimum if a 3.0 GPA
  • Complete the Clinical I application in TK20 by the assigned deadline prior to the semester of entrance
  • All candidates will need to demonstrate evidence of diagnostic test scores for each certification exam in their area.  Diagnostics can be taken through Certify Teacher, Tutoring 240, T-CERT, or State of Texas Interactive Exams.  Diagnostic scores required by certification track include:
    • EC-6/ESL: EC-6, PPR, STR, and ESL Supplemental
    • EC-6/SpEd: EC-6. PPR, STR, and SpEd EC-12
    • EC-6 Bilingual: EC-6, PPR, STR, Bilingual Supplemental, BTLPT
    • 4-8 Math: 4-8 Math, PPR, ESL Supplemental
    • 4-8 SS: 4-8 SS, PPR, ESL Supplemental
    • 4-8 Science: 4-8 Science, PPR, ESL Supplemental
    • 4-8 ELAR: 4-8 ELAR, PPR, STR, and ESL Supplemental
    • 7-12 Math: 7-12 Math, ESL Supplemental
    • EC-12 LOTE: Spanish: LOTE - Spanish, PPR
  • All candidates will need to submit a study plan addressing areas of weakness identified on the diagnostic certification exams.

Clinical II: Student Teaching

The Clinical II: Student Teaching semester occurs when students enroll in their final course (six credit hours) and spend full days (at least 7 hours) over 14 full weeks in an assigned clinical placement with a supervisor.   During this time, students work with the mentor teacher under six different co-teaching models, complete at least 4 formal observation cycles with pre-conferences and post-conferences, and utilize video to reflect on their practice. 

Students applying to Clinical II: Student Teaching, must meet the following criteria:

  • Current enrollment in Clinical 1: Methods courses, with a minimum of 6 credit hours residency at UNT Dallas and current major, BS, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • A minimum 2.75 GPA
  • Completion of all coursework except EDUC 4200 Student Teaching, unless otherwise approved
  • Successful completion of Checkpoint II (during Clinical I) with a minimum grade of B
  • Complete the Clinical II application in TK20 by the assigned deadline prior to the semester of entrance
  • Demonstrate evidence of meeting the following licensure examination benchmarks:
    • All Candidates:
      • 85% or higher on the PPR representative exam (take here)
      • 85% or higher on a representative supplemental exam (ESL/SpEd/BILG) (take with Pearson. If not available, take in Certify Teacher)
      • A score report showing an attempt on the actual content TExES (EC-6 Core or 4-8/7-12 Content).  You can find the request for approval here, which needs to be submitted before you register to test with the state. (Note: To be approved to test, you will need an 85% or higher on a representative exam from the UNT Dallas testing center, Pearson interactive exam, T-CERT module, or on Certify Teacher)
  • All candidates will need to submit a study plan addressing areas of weakness on any actual exam that has not been passed to date.

Clinical Admissions Review and Appeals Process

The application for Clinical I & Clinical Internship II is online via TK20 and submitted at the midpoint of the semester prior to entrance.  Announcements about the application link and application deadlines will be posted on campus, posted on the website and announced through courses.

Clinical applications are submitted to the UNT Dallas SOE Clinical Admissions Committee for review and approval.  Students may appeal a committee’s decision ONLY ONCE by submitting a letter of appeal to Clinical Admissions Committee chairperson within seven days of the decision, and does not guarantee a reversal in decision.

Once admitted to Clinical I & Clinical Internship II students must complete a background check with their corresponding placement school district. Information for background check will be emailed to student

Change of Major

All students pursuing teacher certification need to be enrolled in Interdisciplinary Studies with initial teacher certification. If a student changes their major, they will be longer be conisder active in the Teacher Education Program and will not be eligible for teacher certification until they are once again active in an educator preparation program.


All Clinical students have access to an IPAD/SWIVL kit to record their teaching and analyze their practice. Learn more and get support.

Clinical Admissions Contact

Dr. Patsy Sosa-Sanchez at