Certify Teacher Access

Through the support of Project BECAS (Bilingual Educators for Communities and Schools), our School of Education is able to offer Certify Teacher access to undergraduates for their core content exam, PPR, and supplemental exam. 

How do I get access?

At program entry, all students will automatically be given account access.  Students who need help accessing their account can email Sheetal.Kumar@untdallas.edu with their untdallas email address and a list of the exams to access.

Where do I login?

Visit the login to your program page on Certify Teacher.  If you need help with your password, please follow the directions listed on the site.

Which exams can I find support for on the Certify Teacher site?

Certify Teacher offers practice exams and practice questions for most certification tests.  Visit their site for a comprehensive list.

How can I use Certify Teacher?

Certify Teacher is a great resource for diagnosing your areas of strength and focus as you begin your preparation for state licensure examinations.  The online, timed practice test will give you a sense of the testing experience and the results will help shape your study plan as you prepare for another representative exam and for the real test.