Certification Testing

Approval to Test

Candidates need program approval in order to register for Texas educator certification exams. Submit a signed request for licensure examination approval with documentation to your program coordinator. Please note, Test takers are limited to 5 attempts on any Texas educator certification test under Texas Education Code §21.048(a-1). More information 
See here for Expectations for TEXES test approval by program

Undergraduate Licensure Exam Application (Bachelor's Programs)

Graduate Licensure Exam Application (Master's Programs)

  • Current Graduate Students and Alumni
  • New Student : If you are a new student with the University and do not have a UNTD Student ID login, you will have to set up a Dynamic Forms user account (select Create New Account from login window). 

Test Preparation

Texas Educator Examination Program is the recommended first stop for preparation resources.  We highly encourage the use of a student plan (multi-subject or single-subject) to analyze diagnostic scores and map out your study efforts. 

Resources for Study

The School of Education has Paper Based TExES Study Materials  available for check out to both students and alumni.  Certify Teacher Access is available to students and alumni on behalf of the BECAS grant. Faculty and staff have also compiled this list of low cost and no cost preparation resources available from other institutions and commercial entities. 


A Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) can be used for admission to an alternative certification or post-baccalaureate educator preparation program (EPP). Applicants enrolling in a preparation program that requires a PACT exam beginning January 27, 2020, must complete a passing score on the appropriate new TX PACT content examination (TX PACT) that corresponds with each certificate area. TX PACT exams are not the same as the TExES content-pedagogy certification exams used for standard certification. 

Need more information about who takes this exam and how to register? Read more here.

Fee Waivers for Military Service

Under Senate Bill 807, certain educator certification fees are waived for members of the military, military spouses, and military veterans. Military service members can also use military experience to meet certain requirements under the Health Science and Trade Industrial Education Certification. For more information, go to https://tea.texas.gov/texas-educators/certification/military-community