Bilingual Education

The Bilingual/ESL Teacher Program

at University of North Texas at Dallas.

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The Emerging Teacher Institute (ETI) at UNT Dallas seeks to build one of Dallas’ largest, highest quality bilingual teacher pipelines over the next two-years. One unique partnership that will help us achieve this is a collaboration with Dallas ISD’s Sunset High School and Mountain View College. This partnership will create a bilingual teacher education pathway where students will take courses through Mountain View College their freshman and sophomore year. In their junior and senior year of high school, students take classes at the UNT Dallas campus, which will lead to an associate’s degree and their ability to remain on campus to finish their four-year degree. This is the only example of this model in the state, and one of only a few in the country where a public high school, community college and 4 year college partner and work together to create powerful opportunities for young people to get a degree.